Watching Rudy Colombini channel the energy and raunchy, on-stage antics of Mick Jagger is exhilarating. For those looking to enjoy the experience of a live Stones concert up close, there is no better entertainer.

But for those who know Rudy as the songwriter, artist, tireless advocate for the arts, and spiritual person that he is, recreating Jagger’s legendary stage swagger is but one aspect of this complex man.

Rudy has many ambitious goals for the community and fellow musicians of his beloved San Francisco. His multi-tiered Music City project involves expanding the existing Plug N Play Club Rehearsal Studios, promoting the bands who practice within, adding a San Francisco Music Museum to the music-themed hotel and dorm complex above, and bringing a music school, restaurant, and nightclub into the neighborhood.

The ongoing Music City project continues to evolve after decade in which Rudy continues his own musical career and has seen two of his original songs get impressive airplay and reviews; one charting in the top 40 and one barely missing that magic number in the adult contemporary category. He has led The Unauthorized onto ever-bigger stages for over ten years now. Now recovered from some medical setbacks that interrupted his momentum, Rudy has resumed his ambitious quest to make Music City not only the center of Music in San Francisco, but to make San Francisco a true Music City.