Rudy Colombini’s Tribute Drive for Music City Hit Factory

Hello Friends-

Thank you for supporting The Unauthorized Rolling Stones for the past two decades. Your support has allowed us to perform at so many wonderful events. With live music becoming an impossibility, we’ve decided to bring our music to the web in order to help support a project in need!

When: Every Friday & Saturday, May 22nd-July 4th 2020
Time: 7pm-8pm

Please join me live on Facebook as I reconceptualize The Rudy Colombini Band, The Unauthorized Rolling Stones, Atomic Beatles, JIMI, Let Me Be Frank, and Legends. Every Friday & Saturday at 7pm, live from my living room. My weekly show will support the Construction of Music City Hit Factory.

Join Me Here:
About Music City Hit Factory:

Music City Hit Factory is the most ambitious music project on the planet. Music City Hit Factory is an entertainment company that brings artists together to ignite the soul of San Francisco’s music culture. Already having achieved Northern CA community of musicians and San Francisco’s most popular rehearsal studios. Ingratiated by 2500 occupants per month.

It’s like CBGB’s, San Francisco Music Hall of Fame, Stax Records, The Brill Building, The Academy of Music, and Abbey Road Studios. Four indoor venues, one outdoor venue, 90 occupant dorms, two full bars, and a restaurant. Including a tv station like Ed Sullivan streaming 25 rehearsal studios and 5 venues. We were currently in mid-renovation with a goal of reopening in 2021.

How can you help?

Music City is seeking donations to help to construct our dream. The COVID-19 pandemic has put new financial strain on our vision and we need your help to make this vision a reality. We will be streaming twice a week in support of Music City Hit Factory’s fundraising campaign. Tune in to Rudy Colombini’s Tribute Drive and help to support our cause!

Suggested Donation Levels:
  • Open Mic: $10 donation
  • Soundcheck: $15 donation
  • Set List: $25 donation
  • Green Room: $50 donation
  • Gig: $100 donation
  • Headliner: $500 donation
  • Super Star: $1000 donation

Your donation directly helps the construction of Music City Hit Factory.

Thank you!

Sponsors: Rudy Colombini and Music City Entertainment