Custom PinsPro Sections

Let's review the additional custom sections

ScrollSlider Section

A scrollable slider to showcase your important content that can be added anywhere on any page. The slider comes loaded with lots of useful options that are easy to customize making adding buttons or changing the slide order a breeze. Scroll Slider is being used on the homepage of this demo.

NavBoard Section

A highly configurable responsive navigation section. Easily choose the Wordpress menu you want to display, upload your own logo and choose whether or not to exclude the search area in the options panel. NavBoard is Installed on this demo header above.

PinBlog Section

PinBlog allows you to display your latest posts in style with social, like and comments buttons allowing your visitors to share your posts easily. PinBlog is being used in this demo's blog.

PostPins Section

PostPins allows you to choose between lazy loading posts or allowing your visitors to grab posts via a button. It is 100% responsive and uses the Masonry framework to dynamically arrange the Pins. PostPins is being used on the homepage of this demo.

Footer Section

This section allows you to display 3 different Wordpress menus, include a short excerpt about your website, customize copyright text and show your own logo.